How To Install Angular

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In this post, we will see how to install Angular in Windows. Angular is a popular library of JavaScript to build web apps.

There are some steps you need to follow to install angular in your windows operating system,

Install NodeJS

Download the node.js installer from here for Windows and install it.

How To Install Angular

Open the command prompt and check the installed version of Node.js.

How To Install Angular

Type the “npm -v” command in cmd press enter.

Now you can see the Node.js installation and version.

How To Install Angular

Install TypeScript

Open this link.

How To Install Angular

Please type this command

“npm install -g typescript”

and run it on cmd.

Install Angular CLI

Open this link on this page you will find some instructions to install the Angular CLI.

Now you can create your first Angular app.

How To Install Angular
To install Angular CLI Type this command,

“npm install -g @angular/cli”

on the command prompt and press enter.

How To Install Angular

If you also want to create the Hello angular app please type,

“ng new hello-angular”

and press enter.

How To Install Angular

When you see the message “Project ‘hello-angular’” it means the app is created.

To get into the app directory please type,

“cd hello-angular”.

“Hello Angular” Angular app is created.

Please type

“ng serve”

and press enter.

How To Install Angular

Now you should check that your app is created or not to do that open your browser and type


in the browser and press enter to run the Hello Angular app in the browser.

How To Install Angular


In this post, you learned how to install Angular on a Windows operating system.

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