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What is Cloud Storage?

  • The abstract meaning for cloud is any-to-any connectivity using the network.
  • Cloud storage is a virtualized storage on demand called Data storage as a Service (DaaS).
  • Cloud storage is data storage hosted remotely using data storage devices and maintained by the third party (service provider).
  • Cloud storage is a part of cloud computing.
  • Cloud storage can be deployed in many ways.

For example,

  • local data(desktop/laptop) can be backed up to cloud storage,
  • a virtual disk can be “sync” to the cloud and distributed,
  • the cloud can be used as a reservoir for storing data.

Overview of Cloud Storage

  • Cloud storage came in limelight because of these attributes
  • pay-as-you-use,
  • elasticity and
  • simplicity (management).

Below are some additional Cloud storage attributes,

  • Resource pooling and multi-tenancy
  • Scalable and elastic
  • Accessible standard protocols including HTTP, FTP, XML, SOAP, and REST.
  • Service-based
  • Pricing based on usage
  • Shared and collaborative
  • On-demand self-service

Data Management for Cloud Storage

  • Cloud storage incorporates snew services according to change of time.
  • For cloud storage, a standard document is placed by SNIA Storage Industry Resource Domain Model (SIRDM).
  • It states the importance of simplicity for cloud storage.
  • The figure shows the SIRDM model which uses CDMI standards.

SIRDM model adopts three metadata,

  • The system consisting of storage and data metadata and user metadata.

Cloud Data ManagementCloud Data Management

Interface (CDMI)

  • To create, retrieve, update, and delete objects in a cloud the Cloud Data Management Interface (CDMI) is used.

The function in CDMI is,

  • Cloud storage offerings are discovered by clients,
  • management of containers and the data and
  • sync metadata with containers an objects.

Cloud Storage Requirements

  • Multi-tenancy
  • Security
  • Secure Transmission Channel
  • Performance
  • Quality of Service (QoS)
  • Data Protection and Availability
  • Metering and Billing.
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