Learn About UML Diagrams

Learn About UML Diagrams

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  • Object-oriented modeling in UML is done using UML diagrams.
  • UML provides nine different diagrams. All these diagrams are designed to visualize a system from different perspectives.
  • Designing of UML diagrams begin with requirements analysis phase and move towards design, development, and implementation phases.
  • These diagrams contain UML building blocks and object relationships. 
  • The UML diagrams are divided into the following 4 + 1 different views. The “+1” view is the user’s view, which is a cross-cutting view of all other views.

Learn About UML Diagrams


User’s view

It is also known as an analysis view. It focuses on system functionalities, system services, and actors.

Structural view

This is also known as the design view. It represents the structure of a system in terms of classes, interfaces, and relationships.

Process view

This is also known as a behavioral view. It defines the flow of the system.

Implementation view

This is also known as the physical view. In this view, components are assembled together to make a complete physical system.

A deployment view

This is also known as the environmental view. The components are identified for deployment as physical nodes in the system.

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