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Learn About Use Case Diagram



  • “Use case” means what the different “uses” of a system are.
  • The use case depicts the functions that the system provides the actors.
  • The use case diagram shows which actors interact with each use case.
  • It is primarily used to capture user requirements. The user requirements are represented in an abstract manner without a description of their details.
  • The behavior of a system can be observed through objects and their relationships and interactions.
  • The use case diagram results in the use case model, which has actors, use cases, and the communication lines between them, along with the events that occur.
  • Use cases are also described with the use of case scenarios.


The use case scenario is the textual representation of use cases and it covers all the following important aspects of the system,


This section provides the name of the system, along with the name of the authors, date, and version of the system.

Use case name and use the case number

Generally, a system has several use cases. Therefore, each use case should be numbered and it should have a well-defined name.

Participating actors

These are the persons or systems that interact with the developing system.


The working of a use case along with its inputs and outputs is specified in this section.


They describe the conditions that are satisfied before a use case is initiated.


They describe the conditions that are satisfied after the completion of use cases.

The flow of events

This is the main sequence of interactions between actors and uses cases. The steps or events which occur to complete a use case are described.

Nonfunctional requirements

The non-functional requirements are the quality factors that are considered in the system. They include users, hardware, software, project, and implementation issues.

Reference documents

This section mentions the important documents or references that are required to understand use cases.

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