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Microsoft Has A Warning For All Android Users


Microsoft Has A Warning For All Android Users

Microsoft found new ransomware that is targeting Android smartphones. This ransomware is called MalLocker.B and this is spreading to phones via online forums and websites.

It is very important to be careful when you are downloading apps from websites because there is hidden inside MalLocker.B in Android apps.

MalLocker.B prevents the user from accessing the phone screen. It freezes the phone screen. It also displays a message that claims to be from a law enforcement agency and asks for a fine to unlock the screen.

This ransomware also locks the screen when the user received the incoming call and tries to attend it.

The screen immediately gets locked and you see the message about the fine.

The malware is quite simple and can spread easily to multiple phones.

How to avoid it?

You need to avoid downloading apps from unknown sources and websites. If you want to download an app, make sure you download it from the Play Store or a verified source.

“This new mobile ransomware variant is an important discovery because the malware exhibits behaviors that have not been seen before and could open doors for other malware to follow,” Microsoft added.

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